Speaking of TFF Action's 2008-09 General Assembly Report Card (click here to see and/or print) — as we were Wednesday (see news release and statement and video) — there are three candidates for statewide office running for their respective party's nominations who currently sit in the General Assembly, and therefore merited scores on the TFF Action Report Card. They are: Democrat Creigh Deeds (governor), Republican Ken Cuccinelli and Democrat Steve Shannon (both for attorney general). Former Delegate Brian Moran, a Democrat running for governor, served only one of the two years the Report Card covers, so he is not included in it. (Note: These links are to the candidates' campaign sites. Those below are to their General Assembly sites.) 

Report Card scores are on a 100-point scale, with 100 being the best possible rating.

Deeds: 23

Cuccinelli: 91

Shannon: 13

UPDATE TFF Action has had some inquiries concerning what another Democrat candidate for governor, former Delegate Brian Moran's, Report Card vote would have been if he had not "retired" prior to this year's session. 

Based on his votes from the 2008 session, Delegate Moran would have scored an 80. He voted "pro-family" on 4 of 5 bills (right vote: student religious liberty, payday lending limits, HPV vaccine delay, and increase fuel tax; wrong vote: coerced abortion). 

Perhaps that's why his collegues in the GA would yell out "statewide Moran" when he cast his vote in favor of legislation that the majority of his Democrat friends voted against.