Not much time for commentary today, but not much is needed. I call your attention to a few stories: Virginia regulators have fined a national Democrat group over a violation in connection with its massive donations to a front group to run negative ads against Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell. For weeks Democrat gubernatorial candidate, Senator Creigh Deeds, was invisible. No longer, but not for the reasons he'd prefer. Yesterday, he announced he is eliminating campaign staff in lieu of ready cash and he also released a statement regarding an automobile crash at which he was at fault. Please refrain from the obvious jokes.

Finally, the budget continues to go south on Tim Kaine's watch as revenues dip a whopping 21.3 percent in April, normally a good month for revenue as people file their state taxes along with their federal tithe. Meanwhile, USA Today reports that his boss, the president, as we previously commented, will take a page out of the governor's playbook, and eliminate abstinence education funding, just as the governor did last year in the state budget.


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National News:

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