Yes, a Sunday News Stand! Since I let Thursday and Friday slide, and there was some good stuff out there, I decided to give it a go. It looks like the Democrat Governors Association will slide, after all. It's been funnelling money into a front group it started to run attack ads on Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell. Last week, the State Board of Elections indicated the group would be fined for an irregularity (see here). Now, apparently, its concerns have been satisified.

But the big news continues to be on the cultural front. Gallup has released a poll that shows, for the first time since it has asked the question, a majority of Americans consider themselves pro-life (see here)! Additionally, D.C.'s ministers continue to work against the city council's decision to recognize same-sex marriages from other jurisdictions. Meanwhile, despite Congress' misguidance in de-authorizing the district's fruitful school choice program, people still tout its success.


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National News:

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