(Admin's note: This is updated and consolidated from two posts from earlier today.) By far the most inspirational and best delivered speech at this weekend's Republican Convention in Richmond was delivered by Adnan Barqawi, outgoing commander of the Corps of Cadets at Virginia Tech. 

Barqawi, an immigrant from Kuwait, became an American citizen on April 17. He graduated from Virginia Tech in May after serving as Commandant of the Corps of Cadets. He repeatedly brought down the house with a values- and proud-patriotic-themed-speech severely lacking from our public officials. He was brave and apologetically certain of what made America great, at once wise beyond his years and speaking a commonsense that can be culled from a simple discernment of our country's past; again, a vantage point more adults in education and other leadership positions either purposely disregard or have plain forgotten — to wit:

"I am not an Arab-American or a Middle Eastern-American. I am an American!"

He was brought to Bloggers Row after he spoke and wowed even a bunch of snarks. If he went on any longer, he would have been drafted onto the ticket!

This is more than worth your time to watch. Please do. Parts 1 and 2 stacked here:

From the lips of a young man, some certain truths about America.

A young immigrant more in tune with America than than many of our "leaders" was the highlight of the RPV Convention for many delegates.