It's primary eve and all is aflutter across the Commonwealth as three Democrat gubernatorial candidates and two for lieutenant governor scurry across the Old Dominion looking for last minute votes, endorsements and cash. But there are also House primaries on both sides of the aisle and often they are just as interesting. As you can imagine, the News Stand has it all covered with a wealth of articles from across the state.  We also have a plethora of national news and then some: Homosexual activists may be the first disillusioned with the "messiah." One prominent homosexual has proclaimed that "gay rights" is the next great civil rights movement. Star Parker agrees there is a new civil rights movement, but not that. Meanwhile, the ACLU continues to fight prayer, incumbents are taking advantage of "stimulus" money (i.e., taxpayer money, the pro-life movement is moving to the states (we've known that!) and a suspicion that the former Veep tried to derail the former POTUS' pro-marriage agenda. Also, David Limbaugh explains who the real villains are.

Internationally, is there a conservative trend brewing? U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown's Labour government is hanging on by a cheese string and yesterday, Europeans voted for conservatives in the EU Parliament elections. This follows victories by Andrea Merkel, Nicholas Sarkozy and Silvio Berlusconi in Germany, France and Italy, respectively, not to mention Stephen Harper's Canadian Victory a couple of years ago and several smaller Euro countries. Could it be Europe/NATO is ahead of the U.S. for a change? Our hero Daniel Hannan has some thoughts


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