It is primary day and that means starting tomorrow Virginia will be one huge political festival through November. If you don't like it, find another sport.  However, for those who think the General Assembly is dysfunctional, I draw your attention to the New York Times article in the National News section: The GOP there has regained the upper chamber in Albany when two Hispanic Democrats decided to vote to reorganize the body with the Republicans. But they didn't switch parties. Many Dems vacated the chamber and cut off the lights to try to keep a quorum from meeting and/or hearing and seeing how to vote. Confused? Find it funny, as in a I Dream of Jeannie farce? You're right, but read the article. You can't find this kind of entertainment in Hollywood, Las Vegas or Broadway.

In another piece of non-Virginia news, but which also sounds familiar, a breakaway Episcopal Church in Colorado has reached a settlement with its former diocese over church property. There is a similar controversy in Falls Church.

Have a great time tonight watching the returns come in. We'll almost certainly have a comment tomorrow.


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