Not that I cared much for Michael Jackson's music or his extremely peculiar lifestyle, and I certainly didn't watch any of the coverage of the million-dollar-plus show disguised as a memorial service. Yesterday, however, while watching cable news, one show unexpectedly popped on a segment about the spectacle. Watching the montage of Jackson's celebrity "friends" laud and cry over him, it got me thinking: If these were true friends of his, where were they all these years! What type of friend lets another intentionally and repeatedly disfigure himself, go into colossal debt, take drugs and lead the most bizarre public life in show business history — which is saying something mammoth, indeed. Who lets a friend squander God given talent to the alter of self?

Where was the intervention by these people during what was a talented but extraordinarily twisted life? After all, interventions are about as left coast a legacy as they come. If anyone should have jumped in, it was these people! 

So, were these friends or people who wanted to stick their faces on camera while about a billion people worldwide, with nothing better to do, watched? Or did they consider themselves Jackson's friends for humoring his horribly odd behavior? Then again, these are people all about self and not much else.

If there is any lesson to be learned from this death, it's that friends aren't always who they say they are, especially ones who place more value in themselves and their indulgences than they do in Godly values, a higher calling, and respect for (a purpose-filled) life that comes from the Creator.