Annotations & Elucidations Told You So! & Hope For Some In The Media?

Yesterday, I wondered how the media would treat the announcement that a bunch of liberals, who at one time in their lives called themselves Republicans, would support Democrat gubernatorial nominee Creigh Deeds, as opposed to a really huge announcement two days prior, when the DNC chairman's largest contributor announced her endorsement of Republican candidate Bob McDonnell. We have our answer. See below: Four articles for the Deeds announcement, two for McDonnell's.

In a more surprising development, the formerly conservative editorial page at the Richmond Times-Dispatch compliments Republican attorney general candidate Senator Ken Cuccinelli for being out front in calling for a special session of the General Assembly to deal with the impact of the Melendez-Diaz ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court. It also takes a swipe at his opponent, Democrat Delegate Steve Shannon, for terming Senator Cuccinelli's call for the special session "a stunt." It seems the DNC chairman/governor agrees with Senator Cuccinelli. Meanwhile, the Washington Post keeps on the DNC chairman/governor for his travels. Maybe there is hope for some in the media after all.


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