Annotations & Elucidations The Weekend Edition

Here's the roundup as the weather hits the traditional summertime temps and humidity levels that make Virginia so pleasant and to which we are so accustomed: It's reassuring to see the commonwealth take some action to verify voters are who they say they are and/or are real people at real addresses (Times-Dispatch)while the two candidates for governor finally debate (The Post). (Will there be more, lots more?) A cap proposal to limit support staff could save us millions of dollars, but is the cap too low (Wash Times)? Of course, the educrats who will make the decision think it is too high.

Speaking of education, nationally, it seems as if the NEA (justifiably) is losing Christian members because of its radical, pro-homosexual agenda (AP/ In the commentary section, from Jeremy Wiggins on the AFA blog, we find, pleasantly, a number of pro-life Democrats who adamantly are holding up any chance of a health care "reform" bill from passing until the anti-life measures are stripped from it; and Michelle Malkin takes a closer look at the more squeamish aspects of the legislation.


State Board of Elections updating its voter list (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Deeds and McDonnell get backers (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

If Politics Is the Question, a Debate Might Provide Answers (Washington Post)

Virginia school staff cap to save millions (Washington Times)

National News:

Healthcare reform sets off euthanasia alarm (

Republicans call for ACORN investigation (

Pastor endorses 'common ground' abortion bill (AP/

Teachers flocking to Christian alternative to NEA (AP/

Palin favorability rating drops to 40 percent, poll finds (Richmond Times-Dispatch)


Ghoulish science + Obamacare = health hazard (Michelle Malkin/

Dems Oppose Abortion in Health Care Reform (Jeremy Wiggins/American Family Association blog

AP fact check: Obama health care claims not true (American Family Association blog)

Specter, Toomey in dead heat for senate seat(Elijah Friedeman/American Family Association blog)