As often commented upon here, it is amazing that liberals say things on the record, yet no one takes them seriously. But they mean every word of it! I know, I know . . . it's so outlandish, that it's hard to believe them or take their comments seriously. (Then read Barack Obama's autobiography, where he admits that in college he purposely sought out as friends "Marxist students and professors." No doubt now we know he was, and is, serious about "transforming America," eh?) But they mean what they say and aim to carry out their goals. One way to accomplish those goals, of course, is to demonize the people who disagree with them. Earlier, I posted a remarkable video of retired Marine David Hedrick hammering out the truth to his Representative, liberal Democrat Brian Baird of Washington state. Below is the video that probably had Mr. Hedrick disgusted at Representative Baird to begin with.

Don't think he didn't mean it. Liberal Congressman Brian Baird thinks nothing of insulting his constituents on national television.