This audio of the Great One has re-emerged recently, but if you haven't heard it, take a listen. It's Ronald Reagan in 1961, warning of the evils of socialized medicine. Rhetorically, he's excellent, as usual; as well as intellectually right on, historically insightful, and perhaps more relevant and important for us to heed now than then. Rallying the troops and preaching the cause, he's as inspirational as ever.

Ronald Reagan: Still speaking to us and more perceptive and more important now than in 1961 — and as great and inspirational as ever.
This speech was part of "Operation Coffee Cup," a program endorsed by the AMA, to defeat government-run health care. It put out thousands of LPs — this was a hi-tech PR operation in its day — to get out information to the people to learn the issues, share the information and influence their representatives and senators. All of which is something else we need to learn from this period, that time (now) has not forgot.