Although 1984 is his best known book, perhaps George Orwell's best book about the dangers of statism and government control is Animal Farm,in which the animals of a farm revolt over the hard circumstances inflicted upon them by their human ruler, the farmer Mr. Jones. The revolt is initiated by slick talking leaders who promise a better tomorrow, where every animal is equal. The problem is, of course, the slick talkers only want things better for themselves, not for everyone. When the pigs who led the revolt eventually assume absolute control of the farm and start to walk upright to the bewilderment of the other animals, the rulers' coin the motto, "Some animals are more equal than others."

So when 5th District Democrat U.S. Rep. Tom Perriello was asked last week at a town hall meeting whether he would enroll himself and his family in any "health care reform" plan Congress may pass, and tried to slickly evade the question, swaying from side point to side point, it kind of reminded me of Orwell's character Squealer, succinctly described at Book Rags as:

. . . round cheeks, twinkling eyes, nimble movements and. ... He is very persuasive, can convince anyone of anything, and when arguing a difficult point he has an almost hypnotic way of skipping from side to side. ...

Unfortunately, for Rep. Perriello, he wasn't as persuasive as Squealer. We post the video, you decide:

Rep. Tom Perriello: No, you first, I insist. The public option would be good enough for you, but not me.