Our friends at the VEA must know in their hearts that the end is near. For ages they've been sticking to their deceptive yet effective message that school choice will "drain money from public schools," but as choice proponents have been proving the opposite is true (see Thomas Jefferson Institute), anti-choicers are starting to become unhinged. Enter VEA President Kitty Boitnott. Always good for an off the wall remark, Ms. Boitnott was recently quoted as saying concerning the school choice movement, "I really believe there is an underlying bigotry at the bottom of it all" (see Richmond Times-Dispatch).

Here we go again. If you support anything, anything that isn't government owned and operated, you must be a bigot, a racist, a "fill in the blank." So, if you favor allowing children to attend the school of their parent's choice, the one that fits their needs best, the one that provides the best opportunity for their success, well of course your a bigot. I mean come on, its sooooo obvious.

Note to Ms. Boitnott: The children that are benefiting from every school choice program in existence in the nation are from minority neighborhoods!!! The scholarship programs, the tax credits, the, dare I say, vouchers, that are available in other states and the District of Columbia are helping minority kids!!! 

I guess in Ms Boitnott's convoluted world, providing an opportunity for a child in an urban area that is not government owned and operated is bigotry. Of course, in a post-modern world where words have no absolute meaning, such a proclamation is widely accepted. Bigotry is now defined as providing opportunity.

No wonder the VEA can't seem to read. They simply don't know the real meaning of words.