Annotations & Elucidations The Budget Blues

Upon our communications department's return today, we offer a lengthy News Stand. Most of the news is dominated by the commonwealth's budget situation, to wit, too much money was designated to be spent, while not enough of it is actually coming in. Ergo, deficits . . . and more major cuts. The Kaine administration has made a habit of this — optimistically over estimating revenues in order to pay for its grandiose spending, such as the unwanted pre-K program.

The governor says the cuts will be painful. Perhaps so, but so has been witnessing his administration's budget crafting process. He could have saved everyone a lot of time and pain by being honest from the get-go instead of trying to pull one over on the entire state. Instead, we get deficit after deficit and mid-course budget cuts after mid-course budget cuts — except this time, the cuts are for a budget not even two months old.


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National News:

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