Although it is a couple weeks old, if you haven't seen it, here is Republican Attorney General candidate Senator Ken Cuccinelli's speech at the Buena Vista labor Day Parade (where liberal hacks removed opponents' signs). Although the video is a bit shaky, the audio is fine and you can see him in the frame except when some signs are waved.  Senator Cuccinelli draws sharp contrasts between he and his opponent, Delegate Steve Shannon (D-35, Fairfax). His was received with huge ovations throughout the speech, but the biggest of the big ovations came when he defended the Virginia Marriage Amendment, which Delegate Shannon is decidedly against. If you haven't seen this, take a look, and compare it to the silence of Delegate Shannon, the ineptness of Jody Wagner and the absolute incoherence of Creigh Deeds (part 1) and Creigh Deeds (part 2).

Senator Ken Cuccinelli on property rights, offshore drilling, the Marriage Amendment, the Second Amendment, public safety and mental health.