Late last week, former Arkansas governor and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, who is the keynote speaker at our upcoming Annual Gala, gave an interview to American Family Radio's Richmond affiliate. The host of cable television's highest rated weekend program, Huckabee, which airs on Fox News Channel, was as you would expect: intelligent, forthright, unafraid to speak the truth, and willing to impart knowledge from nearly 20 years in elected statewide office and as a presidential candidate, as well as from his background as a pastor. In the nine minute interview with host JimmyG, he confronted crucial social issues that afflict our country and how they affect all other issues, and gave a preview of his remarks to the nearly 1,300 who are expected to hear him Monday, October 26, at The Family Foundation of Virginia's Annual Gala at the Greater Richmond Convention Center. (For more information about The Gala, click here.)

To listen to the interview (9:10) with Mike Hukabee on AFR Richmond's JimmyG Show, click here.