The retired Army Lt. Colonel who was the commandant at the military high school I attended would tell us that the purpose of giving people off from work and school on holidays was so we would remember the significance of the day and perpetuate it. So, remember, dear readers, today is Veterans Day, not Memorial Day. Too often the days are considered synonymous (see While we should always keep in our prayers, especially after recent events, those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country, and their families and friends who bare an unthinkable emptiness in their lives, let's remember today is the day to thank all those who served and returned. For many, however, coming home didn't mean instant joy. Whether through an unspeakable stress, severe physical injury or a prejudice of an ungrateful people, our veterans have carried a burden beyond the battlefield. Let's be sure to thank them today, and all days, for their selflessness, while still keeping those who committed the ultimate sacrifice in our prayers. Then, maybe, we'll learn to keep certain holidays for the intentions of which they were meant.

So, Happy Veterans Day to all those who proudly wore the uniform of our great nation. To those who bravely served, and still bravely serve, their fellow Americans in defense of our country and freedom around the world, we proudly offer you our thoughts, prayers and heartfelt and sincerest thanks. To those who served or still serve as Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, Air Men, Reservists, and in the Coast Guard and National Guard, we offer a salute to your heroism and service to our country and freedoms.

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Click here to learn more about the holiday and how we can thank them.

We Stood For Freedom Roger J. Robicheau Former U.S. Army Specialist Fifth Class

We stood for freedom just like you And loved the flag you cherish too Our uniforms felt great to wear You know the feel, and how you care.

In step we marched, the cadence way The same is true with you today Oh how we tried to do our best As you do now, from test to test How young we were and proud to be Defenders of true liberty.

So many thoughts bind soldiers well The facts may change, not how we jell Each soldier past, and you now here Do share what will not disappear One thought now comes, straight from my heart For soldiers home, who've done their part.

I'm honored to have served with you May Godly peace, help get you through And now I'll end with a request Do ponder this, while home at rest America, respect our day Each veteran, helped freedom stay.

©2002 Roger J. Robicheau/