We've been looking for an American conservative politician who would stand up and speak to the truth in the face of what the left has portrayed as its inevitable transformation of America into a European-style socialist state, as well as its permanent stay in power. Notice "American" in the first line, because earlier this year British European Parliament member Daniel Hannan emerged on the world stage with his profile in courage when he publicly dressed down British Prime Minister Gordon Brown in front of the European Parliament. Later, Hannan exposed the  liberty shackling European anti-discrimination laws as most Americans were asleep while our own version — "hate crimes" — was sailing through Congress. But now, perhaps, America's Hannan has emerged: Retired Army Lt. Colonel Allen West, a candidate for Congress in Florida (see author Mark Whittington at AssociatedContent.com), made a speech that has generated a million-plus views on YouTube, aired on national television, and which has galvanized conservatives across the country. Watch it for yourself and let us know what you think.

Retired U.S. Army Lt. Colonel Allen West as ignited what some conservatives are calling a second American Revolution. His references to the patriotism of the first one reinforce that imagery.