Planned Parenthood talks a lot about "choice." However, undercover video after undercover video has exposed the nation's leading abortion provider as anything but an organization concerned with providing options, women's health or even upholding the law, covering up potential sexual abuse (see video here) and statutory rape cases (see video here) rather than notify law enforcement, all to procure paying customers. Now, another shocking undercover video recently released by Live Action shows — as if we didn't already know — that Planned Parenthood personnel will lie about health and medical issues, straight to a woman's face, in order to suck in another check. To do that, Planned Parenthood "counselors" and abortionists attempt to dehumanize babies through manipulative word play. It's an attempt to sever all cognitive, rational and loving connection between the mother and her baby, specifically by refusing to use the word "baby," even correcting the "patient" (i.e., victim) when she says "baby." Instead, they euphemistically call the baby a "pregnancy" or "fetus" and say it's not a baby "until it's born."

Planned Parenthood even lies about heart beats, instead saying the the unborn baby has "heart tones" up to a certain point, whatever that might mean. But perhaps the most apalling lies come from the abortionist himself, when he tells the "patient" that abortions are "very safe. Safer than having a baby, actually." Which doesn't exactly explain why a New Jersey woman went into a coma after a botched abortion and recently won $1.9 million in a settlement (see  

Perhaps more disturbing, and something to look into for an enterprising Wisconsin attorney (where the undercover video was taken), is that the abortionist admits to performing abortions for 40 years, which means he started four years before Roe v. Wade legalized it. Jeremy Wiggins adds his comments on the video and the New Jersey case at Rightly Concerned. (You can see all of Live Action's Planned Parenthood undercover videos at its YouTube channel, here.) 

It all points to Planned Parenthood's reason for being, succinctly stated by Lila Rose, Live Action's president:

Planned Parenthood, while claiming to support patient self-determination, operates with an 'abortion-first mentality.'

Nothing proves it more shockingly and vividly than this video:

Disconnecting the mother from her baby rhetorically and emotionally by dehumanizing the baby: Remember, it's "heart tones," NOT "heart beats;" it's a "pregnancy," NOT a "baby." Not to mention an abortionist who says he's performed abortions longer than they've been legal.