Annotations & Elucidations Left Wing "Science"

Left-wing ideology masquerading as science has been in the news a lot this week, with word of the leaked East Anglia e-mails proving the climate change hoax. But one hoax that's been around longer is that of embryonic stem cell research, which, according to the left, will provide miracle cures that will make the lame jump up and walk in an instant. However, there has not been one medical breakthrough from such research, while there have been hundreds from adult stem cell research. The difference between the climate alarmists and the culture of death crowd is that the latter actually has implemented its goals into policy, while Cap-and-Tax still has a way to go. This week, the National Institute for Health initiated the process for the destruction of embryos for (futile) research. There is coverage of it below in National News.

Also: Governor Tim Kaine demonizes the Tea Party movement, CBS corrupts Frosty The Snowman, a call for Al Gore to give back his Academy Award (because of the false information his movie was based on), the Manhattan Declaration is discussed, another misnamed Orwellian bill (this time to allow homosexuals a backdoor into the military), a 90-year-old Virginia World War II hero struggles to fly his flag, and an inopportune time for media-hungry President Obama to appear on the cover of Golf Digest.


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