If anything exposes the utter fallacy of the "pro-choice" (i.e., pro-abortion-on-demand) industry, it is its constant attack on pregnancy resource centers — places where women in a crisis pregnancy, or just considering all options, can go for advice and counsel. Instead of fostering information and "choice," though, organizations such as Planned Parenthood and NARAL try to bully these very non-political, keep-to-themselves non-profits. It also reveals that the abortion industry is exactly that — a ruthless industry trying to snuff out competition. Liberals rail against unethical anti-competitive big business all the time. Where's the outrage over these bullying tactics by the billion-dollar-plus abortion industry? An outrage did occur today, but it wasn't directed at the abortion industry. Rather, it was directed by the abortion industry against pregnancy resource centers at a capitol news conference. These non-profits do not engage in politics, do not endorse candidates, do not lobby the legislature. The abortion industry does all of that. Pregnancy resource centers simply try to help pregnant women make informed decisions — only to be demonized by national abortion-on-demand organizations backed by millions in big money elitists and liberal special interests.

My word! Have a baby? That's one less abortion fee! An underage girl pregnant by a 30-year-old? No worries. We'll take care of it (see videos at LiveAction).

In Richmond, today, an all-star cast of liberal lawmakers came out swinging, introducing legislation that would stifle pregnancy resource centers and issued a "report" impugning PRCs that is about as accurate as the typical Weekly World News. But it's not the first time. In October, NARAL released a letter attacking PRCs — and they tried to capitalize on our response.

We have no doubt it will continue to these hard ball tactics. It truly reveals who they are and what they actually do. So, we have a message to the abortion industry. Pick on someone your own size.

The big abortion lobby lobbing grenades at pregnancy resource centers. What are they afraid of? Babies being born?