Tomorrow, the General Assembly returns to Richmond for its annual session. This year, amidst the pomp and circumstance that normally attends the beginning of session, is the inauguration of a new administration. But this 60-day session quickly will lose the glow of good times, with a budget billions in debt and jobs slackened by a limping economy. Adding to the dynamics are a new governor, attorney general and an unprecedented 20 new members of the House of Delegates, or one fifth of the entire House. The Family Foundation has prepared for the upcoming legislative season for months, and is ready to work on behalf of your family and your values. We continue to review bills as they are filed and anticipate nearly 3,000 will be introduced this year. While the economy is the primary issue, there are important social and values issues that must be addressed as well.

This week we are posting, in series form, policy statements concerning our 2010 legislative agenda, starting with this on Monday about parental rights. But we also will ask you to commit to action during the upcoming General Assembly session, and hold our elected officials to their campaign pledges. Stay engaged: Sign up for e-mail alerts — the best in the state — and pass this link to like-minded friends; then sign up at least five of your friends and family to receive them; attend our lobby day on January 18; and e-mail, call and fax your legislators throughout the session as need be. There will be many battles and we will need all of you to take action when the time comes. As much as we try to accomplish in person, it can't be done without large numbers of you providing a show of force.