Almost a year to the day that he came to our attention by dressing down his own prime minister at a meeting of the European Parliament, and became an instant international conservative sensation and hero (see video), EU Parliament Member Daniel Hannan appeared on the syndicated Virginia political radio show Freedom & Prosperity Radio where he explained how government-run health care truly works. His insight does not disappoint and lives up to the dynamite first impression he imparted on an international audience when he stormed on to the world stage last year (and which garnered him interview invites on several national news programs here). It is from the perspective of someone who's experienced a socialized health care system both as a patient and a policy maker, and he documents the superiority of the free enterprise system. Hannan may be the leading voice of free-market conservatism in the world, now, and, with interviews like this, will make more friends fast. As for you liberals, and the similar system you are poised to force upon us, he notes that yes, there are death panels in the UK and will be here, too, under ObamaCare.

If you didn't hear this interview because a station in your area doesn't carry the show, not to worry. It's archived online and you can listen to it by clicking below. This edition fo F&P Radio also covers education reform in Virginia and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli's early days.

Click here, then scroll to the link, to listen to the show.