Do you see things happening in our culture, government and even in the Christian community that concern you? Do you want to make a difference, but don't know where to begin? You can start by volunteering at The Family Foundation this summer. Since 1985, The Family Foundation has been at the forefront of critical public policy debates, helping Virginia citizens, lawmakers and business leaders better understand and apply to law the principles of life, marriage, parental authority, constitutional government and religious liberty. We are currently holding several Truth Project training sessions across Virginia to affect the hearts and minds in our culture and in the Christian community.

Non-profit and non-partisan, The Family Foundation of Virginia is the commonwealth's oldest and most influential family public policy organization. Our mission is to strengthen the family through accurate research and education, prompting civic activism and affecting public policy outcomes. The Family Foundation is proud to be associated with Focus on the Family and its network of nearly40 independent state policy councils.

Any college, high school or home schooled student looking to fulfill community service requirements for graduation or who would enjoy assisting us in our mission on a weekly, bi-monthly or monthly basis — we can use your help this summer (and beyond)! In fact, entire families, including  middle school students, provide great help to us regularly. If you are interested in public policy and the issues of the day that directly affect our culture, lives and values, then you will enjoy and be fulfilled by contributing your time to our shared cause.  

The Family Foundation headquarters is located across from the State Capitol in downtown Richmond. Parking is located only a few blocks from our office building and we can assist you with your parking fees in specific garages.

Responsibilities and duties include:

» Data Entry (basic computer skills, in office or at home);

» Mailings (production and processing);

» Database Management (basic computer skills); and

» Constituent Interaction.

If you are interested in volunteering your valued talent in order to advance the cause of traditional values in the Commonwealth, then please take a moment to e-mail Marie Edwards at or call her at (804) 343-0010. Thanks!