As faithful readers of our blog know, I've been looking for an elected conservative with the courage of conservative European Parliament Member Daniel Hannan, who's public dress down of then-British Prime Minister Gordon Brown became an international sensation (despite the  international Mainstream Media's inattention). It went viral in a big way and precipitated the fall of Brown's government last week to the Conservative Party (New York Times). Mr. Hannan  does not shy away from his conservative principles and proudly articulates them to anyone and everyone, here or there, in any situation.  Where is the American version? The one who won't cower when the media tries to belittle him (or her), who won't seek the David Brooks squishy center so he can be liked (see Michelle Malkin), who isn't afraid leftist attacks will hurt perceptions of him, who instead fires back with the truth? I like Colonel Allen West, who ran for Congress two years ago and lost and is trying again this year. But he's still not elected.

This week we may have found him. Although our own governor, Bob McDonnell, received most of the attention during the 2009 election cycle, it looks like it's the other new governor, Chris Christie of New Jersey, who's taking the liberals to task and unapologetically sticking up for conservative values and principles. Faced with his predecessor's unimaginable fiscal mess, he's not placing blame (unlike President Obama), but is fixing the problems the way he was overwhelmingly elected to do. Fulfilling campaign promises. How refreshing.

The video below, much like Mr. Hannan's, was barely reported, but is a huge Internet splash. It — and his early budget cutting, government and education reforms, and unwillingness to absorb liberal mischaracterization — is propelling Governor Christie into the presidential contender ranks (Jakila The Hun Blog/Motley Fool). 

Here is Governor Christie's reply to an arrogant Mainstream Media type's question at a news conference earlier this week. He proudly draws the unfiltered distinction between himself and his opponents, illustrates liberal hypocrisy and media double-standards. Something to behold and enjoy!

Governor Christie: We're sent here to argue for our ideas and govern! That's what I'm doing.