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Old Dominion Watchdog steals the scene in today's narrative. For all the whining . . . it looks like state employees are better off than most and most still complain even in a recessesion. Now, it looks like they're going to get a bonus come fiscal-year's end. Granted, they haven't received a raise in three years, and state employees should be treated fairly (i.e., based on merit), but the consistent whining of government employees — state, local or federal — when things aren't as bad as they claim, when many are under or unemployed, leaves something to be desired. After all, aren't their unions the ones who raise the battle cry that they want to be treated as they would be in the private sector? Seems like they are — and more.

Speaking of earning money, in Commentary, check out Thomas Sowell's reply to the President Obama's assertion that at some point enough is plenty; Richard Olivastro explains that both sides have found scary aspects of Elana Kagen's career (so why is the GOP throwing in the towel?); and interesting comments from conservatives, pro and con, about the Tea Party movement. Most pointedly, Josepsh Farah, who warns that libertarian types better not forsake social issues.

But back to the Commonwealth and more national recognition to the AG. This time, someone with sense. In Analysis, Mark J. Fitzgibbons of the American Thinker, exposes another cry from embattled liberal bureaucrats (okay, college professors) and assorted liberal sky-is-falling types: That Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is picking on them. Apparently, it's fine to harrass job creators but not those who expect a life time of cush at the taxpayers expense. Cry on! 


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