Despite its humiliating defeat this past General Assembly session, in addition to its "academic" report getting mercilessly shredded by doctors, lawyers and experts in the field, NARAL is traveling the state this summer and fall to present its "Crisis Pregnancy Center Road Tour," and collect signatures from those who oppose Pregnancy Resource Centers. NARAL writes:

We’ll share the findings from our year-long undercover investigation of medically inaccurate and deceptive crisis pregnancy centers across Virginia.

"Medically inaccurate" and "deceptive"? Really? One example of PRC's supposed "medical inaccuracy" listed in NARAL's flawed report is as follows:

Twenty-four of the CPCs, regardless of the stage of development, called the potential zygote, embryo, or fetus a "baby." (p. 18).

"Medical inaccuracy?" That’s laughable.

During this past General Assembly session, NARAL spearheaded an effort to require PRCs, among other requirements, to put a sign on their doors that essentially say they are not health care facilities and do not provide abortions or contraception. It might as well have required PRCs to post directions to the nearest abortion center. Not long into testimony in a Senate sub-committee, at which The Family Foundation joined with pro-life allies as well as PRC directors, volunteers and clients to handily debunk NARAL's myths, Senator (and sub-committee chair and NARAL's handpicked patron) Ralph Northam (D-6, Norfolk) saw the futility and inaccuracy in NARAL's PRC "investigation" and called for the defeat of his own bill. However, despite its embarrassing defeat, NARAL still does not accept the invalidity of its claims. It believes public opinion is on its side . . . hence, the road trip and petitions.

In related news, the Alliance Defense Fund filed an anti-discrimination claim a few weeks ago on behalf of a PRC against Montgomery County, Md. (The Maryland legislature recently passed a bill almost identical to the defeated Virginia bill backed by NARAL.) A similar case has also been filed in Baltimore. According to ADF:

[Montgomery County] basically tell[s PRCs they] have to post a sign saying that "we don’t have any medical professionals here, and the county recommends you go find a medical professional. They don’t impose any rule like that, of course, on abortion clinics, and they intentionally crafted this rule to exclude them.

Despite the potential legal ramifications and no solid, academic groundwork to stand upon, NARAL clearly intends to reintroduce this ludicrous bill at some point due to its road trip and petition effort. This is nothing short of bullying tactics by a large, partisan, political group against these non-political, non-profit organizations, which keep to themselves and help pregnant women looking for options and counseling during a difficult period. Once again, The Family Foundation will work to ensure the overwhelming defeat of any such bill. If you are interested in helping us fight to protect the Pregnancy Resource Centers against attacks from NARAL, Planned Parenthood and the ACLU, then please click here. Thank you for standing with us in this critical effort!