Don't you just love liberal elitists, with their fancy educations, who have no hesitation in characterizing conservatism as some backwards, hateful philosophy only the brainless or mean, oppressive free-marketers can abide? If there's anymore proof needed that conservatism is about intellect and not feelings, we don't know where to find it. But the video below is a start. First, there was the numerically challenged "57 States Obama," then the physics challenged "Guam May Capsize Hank Johnson," now, the geographically challenged "Arizona Doesn't Border Mexico Peggy West," a big-time liberal Milwaukee supervisor, who wants her fair city to boycott the Grand Canyon State. Wait! Can't forget "Navy Corpseman Obama" either! Oh, geez, I could list hundreds more, but the list is insufferable. Let's just get on with it — and these are the people running our country?

The latest in the great line of great modern liberal thinkers.