I have been asked by several people — some liberal activist types, some of no political stripe whatsoever (okay, more like confronted by the liberal activist types) — why Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is investigating poor old U.Va. and a former professor there, Michael Mann, one of the world's (literally) leading so-called global warming scientists. I'm told that "he's imposing his agenda" and "wasting taxpayer money" and "infringing on academic freedom." Mr. Cuccinelli is seeking records, such as e-mails, of Dr. Mann's when he taught in Charlottesville. He now teaches at Penn State.  My answers are, respectively:

What politician doesn't have an agenda? After all, he ran on a very certain platform and received more votes for attorney general than any candidate in Virginia history;  

He's doing his job as the chief legal officer for state agencies and, in fact, there is a statute he's enforcing, and, by the way, it just may be U.Va. and Professor Mann who wasted tax dollars (the predicate for the investigation); and

Where were the protests of academic freedom when U.Va. gave out the contents of e-mails by another professor, Dr. Pat Michaels, the former state climatologist, who doesn't believe in man caused global warming, to private organizations trying to discredit Dr. Michaels? Furthermore, why did U.Va. at first say it would comply with the AG's request for the records under state law, but now truly is wasting taxpayer and student/parent/donor money on hiring very expensive Washington, D.C., outside legal counsel to contest the AG's investigation?

Okay, those are some detailed answers to some pretty lame questions, but I like to set the record straight, get the truth out and expose liberal double standards. Now, the truth is coming out from our good friends at Tertium Quids, we learn that that there was certain information that U.Va. had but was never disclosed in a previous investigation of Dr. Mann (see exerpt from AG's response and see response itself here).

Writes Norman Leahy:

So those other looks into Climategate and Mann's research, including one conducted by Mann's current employers at Penn State University that "cleared" Mann didn't have access to all the information . . . because UVA said it didn't exist.

Except that it did, and the fact of the data's existence wouldn't have been known by anyone without Cuccinelli's investigation.

What's at stake? About $500,000 in taxpayer money from grants Dr. Mann and U.Va. secured for fraudulent research. Not to mention the basis for an entire movement that seeks government rule over almost every aspect of our lives. Other than that, not much. Go 'hoos!