Ellen Page must be a great actress. In her movies and television ads, she comes across as an adorable, resourceful young woman. But listening to her speak is Exhibit A in the case that Hollywood is better seen on screen and not heard on politics (see John Nolte at Big Hollywood) and also proving that liberal pols aren't the only vacuous minds speaking out loud. Not only does she gladly and giddily portray her ignorance in this interview promoting the new movie Inception, she shows an unprovoked mean streak, proving the double standard in the misrepresentation in the popular media of conservatives as idiots and in the ongoing depiction of conservatives as hateful. Ms. Page's cackling sidekick, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, proves to be just as woefully, shall we say, misinformed. (We exempt Leonardo DiCaprio who has the misfortune of sandwiching the two bubbleheads in this AP interview.)

Ellen Page: Not better than the real thing. Her characters are preferable.