It's not often we thank NARAL, but we're happy to today. Tuesday night I happened upon the not-so-truthful-extreme-left-wing-control-freak Rachel Maddow's nightly one-hour rant of misinformation and character assassination on msnbc. She did more than 12 minutes of rant and lies about Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, including an interview with Tarina Keene of NARAL. The only video available yesterday was on msnbc's Web site and it included the whole boring 12-plus minutes. But as of today, NARAL posted only the four-plus-minute interview with Ms. Keene. Still, four minutes can be a long time — time enough to hack out numerous lies and misinformation about abortion center safety, abortion, legislative efforts, "comprehensive sex education," the meaning of Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli's recent legal advisory opinion on abortion center regulations and much, much more. (It's not the first time for Ms. Keene, either. See here and here and not the first time we've responded.)

But that's why we're glad NARAL posted the video. Because it gives us the opportunity to launch the Count The Lies In The NARAL Video Contest! Post your best guess and we can discuss. Be sure to count the ones by Ms. Maddow, too. Of course, the fact that msnbc and NARAL teamed up for its propaganda show is proof that Mr. Cuccinelli must be doing something right. It's highly unusual that one state attorney general could get so much under the skin of one of the far left's biggest mouths that she would devote 25 percent of her national television show to him — especially when everything is going so well for the country under complete liberal control of Washington. Right?

Get out your calculators. How many lies can two lefties spout in 4:23?