The arrogance of Planned Parenthood was never more apparent than in June in Washington, D.C., when the abortionists put a no trespassing sign on the public sidewalk in front of one of its abortion centers. When a group of pro-lifers held a prayer vigil there, Planned Parenthood called the police and had the praying faithful arrested for trespassing, including a pastor. However, authorities resolved the matter on August 12 . . . in favor of the pastor. The sidewalk, of course is public property and no private entity can exercise jurisdiction over it. Planned Parenthood lost. The sign now must come down. Bound4Life Director Matt Locket recently sat down with the pastor, the Rev. Patrick Mahoney, to get a play-by-play of what happened. We'll let the video speak for itself. But one point for emphasis: Rev. Mahoney makes a perceptive observation about how several issues blend together as part of the pro-abortion crowd's comprehensive intolerance. If Planned Parenthood doesn't respect the right to life, how can anyone expect them to respect one's right to free speech — or anything else?

If they don't respect life, how can you expect pro-abortionists to respect speech . . . or any other basic human right?