Speaking of the arrogance of trying to elevate all problems to a "crisis" and thinking a big, powerful, central government can solve those problems, Senator Arrogant himself spoke recently, blaming the average American voter for not knowing enough. What John Kerry means, of course, is that Americans are fools for not believing in the failed social and collective experiment of the last two years; that we need to wake up and realize how good we have it with nationalized health care, auto companies, financial services, student loans and insurance companies. He thinks not only are we too stupid to understand excessively high unemployment and third-world-like debt, he's bewildered at the thought that people who lose their own jobs or who must close down their own businesses are concerned for their future and the policies that created the uncertainty.    Then there's the irony of his claim that the popular conservative uprising going on is based on snappy phrases. This from the man who represents the side whose entire platform is based on bumper sticker slogans and philosophy ("Corporate Greed Kills More Americans Than Terrorists Do," "Health Insurance Companies are Death Panels," and "When The Rich Exploit the Poor, a Little Socialism Helps").

Senator Arrogant at his best, blaming Americans who aren't smart enough to believe as he does.