In its September 29 cover story, Richmond magazine Style Weekly (which actually is hitting the newstands now) will profile Family Foundation President Victoria Cobb on its cover. It features Victoria in front of Mr. Jefferson's Capitol with the headline "Divine Right" etched beside her (see below). The widely read publication previously named Victoria as one of Richmond's "Top 40 Under 40." Only a couple of weeks ago, The Kings College in New York City honored her as one of its Distinguished Visitors at its very prestigious speakers series. These honors are very deserved and we're very proud of our Victoria. But the thousands of past and present grassroots activists, volunteers, contributors, advisory council and board members that make up The Family Foundation throughout the commonwealth are proud of her regardless — and of the many things we together have accomplished the last 25 years and, more recently, under her leadership, to make Virginia a better place for all Virginia families. She's smart, quick, fun, generous, yet determined. A quick read of an advanced copy of the article (click here to read) proves to be a fair and accurate portrayal we staffers — who have come to know and learn from her dynamic leadership on a day-to-day basis — know very well what the reporter and those quoted in it know: It's a Cobb's Web and we just live in it!

Click the cover shot to read the article:

VC Style Cover

Style Weekly cover slug: "To become a true card-carrying social conservative in Virginia, candidates must first carry muster with the boss, the Family Foundation's Victoria Cobb."

Here are some pulled quotes from the feature Style Weekly feature, "Cobb's Web: From grassroots nonprofit to political powerhouse: How Victoria Cobb's Family Foundation became the gatekeeper to Virginia’s conservative coalition," by Sara Dabney Tisdale.

Nationally recognized political commentator Dr. Bob Hollsworth: The Family Foundation's constituency is "crucially important not only in Virginia, but in fact nationally to Republican Party nominating contests. ... I was struck by how many prominent political figures on the kind-of GOP side . . . take them very, very seriously. ..." and "She has a lot of energy, a lot of activity, [and she is] very disciplined," adding that Cobb is "a very talented person. ..."

Ray Allen, strategist and adviser to U.S. Representative Eric Cantor: "They’ve built the Family Foundation into a force down there."

Delegate Jennifer McClellan, (D-71, Richmond): "They’re big enough that they're on my radar screen even though I disagree with most of what they advocate for. There are a lot of conservative Republicans who want to have a high score with the Family Foundation." (McClellan scores a 13.)

Dierdre Condit, associate professor at Virginia Commonwealth University's L. Douglas Wilder School of Government: "She’s clearly an up and comer."