This Tuesday, October 12, is the last day to register to vote for the upcoming November 2 midterm Congressional elections (Virginia also has a couple of constitutional amendments on the ballot). If you have recently moved, have never registered to vote, or have friends, family or fellow church goers who are not registered, please don't miss or let them miss this important deadline. This year's mid-term elections are extremely important. Voters will be asked to decide if they want to continue Congress' big-spending, freedom-limiting agenda or if they want a Congress that will limit the out-of-control spending and promote our shared values. Don't take your civic responsibility lightly. We have been given and awesome privilege and responsibility as citizens to select those who make our laws and govern our nation. We believe the Lord will hold us accountable for how we steward the gift of republican democracy. Virginia has several competitive races this year and your vote can make a difference.

If this is your first time registering to vote in Virginia, you will need to bring a proof of residency and a picture I.D. If you know others who have recently moved or recently turned 18, please remind them to register to vote by Tuesday also. Then, once you and your family and friends are registered, make sure to go out and vote on November 2.