As I wrote in the previous post, shares with us the latest videos from, further establishing its reputation for powerfully produced election year videos designed to make people think and properly inform themselves with the knowledge to perform their call to citizenship, and vote for candidates willing to uphold God's ordained institutions, such as life and marriage. Although geared to Catholics, the videos, especially the one below ("We Are The Catholic Vote") appeals to the universal truth that all life is precious and must be protected, particularly the unborn. By the way, American Papist blogger extraordinaire Thomas Peters, who merged his site with, predicts Republican Keith Fimian to win Virginia's 11th Congressional district race. It'll be close as will all of Virginia's hotly contested races. Enough reasons to vote and get others to, as well. We highly recommend the video below and encourage you to distribute it to those people who otherwise may sit out tomorrow.

We are the pro-life vote.