Two years ago, we partnered with the Virginia Catholic Conference to hammer out an agreement with the biotech community to ensure that state funded research performed in Virginia would not involve embryonic stem cells or aborted fetuses.  The clause was added to all legislation involving biotech research in Virginia, thus protecting citizens of the Commonwealth from subsidizing unethical research. In 2010, the same agreement stood.  Now, it's 2011 and the debate over the pro-life amendment is once again taking place.   There are several bills this year originating from both chambers that would provide research and development tax credits to biotech companies. In order to prevent the funding of unethical research, each and every bill must include the pro-life amendment. The House Finance Committee added an amendment in line with the 2009 and 2010 pro-life amendment to one of these bills (HB 1447). Now, the amended bill will be voted on by the full House of Delegates tomorrow.   The Family Foundation and our pro-life partners at the Catholic Conference firmly believe that Virginia taxpayers should not be asked to pay for or subsidize research that involves the destruction of human embryos or the use of aborted fetuses (see position paper here and our recently completed study, Do No Harm, here). Not only is such research unethical, embryonic stem cell research has been a complete failure. That is the reason researchers cannot attract private investment and is looking for your tax dollars to subsidize their failed research — no one will pour money into a failure. So researchers have turned to (who else?) — the government — to subsidize failure. If we are going to subsidize research in Virginia, it should be in adult stem cell research, which is producing real results — real science providing real hope and real cures.   It is crucial that your delegate hear from you by tomorrow morning before the floor session begins. Legislators need to hear that the funding of life-destroying research will not be tolerated in the Commonwealth. Contact your delegate now and urge him or her to cast a vote in acknowledgment of the sanctity of human life (click here for contact information or click here to find out who your delegate is).