In a shockingly good news event earlier today, a Virginia Senate sub-committee finally did the will of the people and voted to report HJ 693, a constitutional amendment to protect your property rights! It passed 4-3, with Democrat Senator Creigh Deeds joining Republicans Steve Martin, Jeff McWaters and Ralph Smith. Now, after six years of thwarting this popular issue and fundamental right, there is a real chance to see this resolution passed by the General Assembly and on the ballot for Virginians to vote on.

But we need you to act NOW!

The full Senate Privileges and Elections Committee meets at 4:00 p.m. TODAY! That committee will decide whether the resolution goes to the Senate floor, where it will have an excellent chance to pass.

Please take a very short moment to contact senators on the committee and urge them to vote for HJ 693, to ensure your property rights and just compensation when your property is taken for a legitimate public use.

Click here to see committee members and access their contact information.

Today, in sub-committee, we beat back the special interests, the big corporations and utilities, and local governments and housing authorities (who use your tax dollars to lobby against your rights). As of right now, they are plotting to kill this fundamental right this afternoon in the full committee.

But your voice matters! Please act now on this Family Foundation priority legislation!

Six years is long enough! Urge these senators to vote for HJ 693 this afternoon in the Privileges and Elections Committee so that we can finally have the constitutional protections for our private property rights that other states have!