We normally reserve the Quote of the Day as a feature of our General Assembly coverage, but after reading Anita Kumar's Washington Post Virginia Politics Blog report on Democrat Jack Dobbyn's challenge to Delegate Dave Albo (R-42, Fairfax), we couldn't resist. After the obligatory bio on Dobbyn and a cursory summation of his prospects — the newly redrawn 42nd district is more Republican — Delegate Albo chimes in. After asserting that defeating him will be a "pretty big longshot," he said this of his work ethic and representation at Mr. Jefferson's Capitol:

I am not one of these delegates who doesn’t do any work. I’m not one of these guys who people don’t see.

We don't doubt Delegate Albo's hard work. Anyone who's sat through a Friday Courts of Justice Committee docket can attest to that. But he did leave us wondering . . . just who is it he implies doesn't work?