At a town hall meeting for constituents in Lorton last night, sponsored by Democrat Delegate Mark Sickles (D-43, Fairfax) and Democrat Senator George Barker (D-39, Fairfax), Senator Barker's staff continually blocked a constituent taping the meeting (via our friend Norm Leahy of via his Twitter account via the legacy of all this, our friend Greg Letiecq at Black Velvet Bruce Li (read his recommendations for the senator's next town hall meeting). Funny how news travels these days, isn't? Ironically, while the question directed to Senator Barker at the time of the taping concerned his support for the newly redistricted and peculiarly shaped Senate districts in the northern part of the state, it was asked politely. Yet, a staffer immediately jumped in the way of the camera. Proud of your vote, Senator, then no problem. A bit embarrassed? Then we can see why you tolerate such rudeness. Then, one liberal activist clearly clamors for the videographer, his mother and any Republicans in the room to be thrown out, that it was a "meeting for Democrats." Funny. Don't elected officials represent all voters? More irony: If not for the Republicans in the room, there probably wouldn't have been a meeting — it was that sparsely attended.

Still more absurdity: Once Delegate Sickles finally made his campaign speech answered the question, he complains about the "partisan" House redistricting plan. Little side note: He voted for it — as did all but seven Democrats who jumped ship in order to save their own skin, party caucus be damned. Really partisan, that. He (and all but 10 Dems) even voted for the first version of the House plan, which Governor Bob McDonnell vetoed (Washington Post), in part, because of its partisan or ill-drawn aspects — none of which stopped Delegate Sickles from slamming the governor anyway. Nothing like a little political double speak to lighten up an evening of political intimidation.

Nothing like a little political double speak to lighten up a night of intimidation. Or is it the other way around?