Campaigns & Elections is a one of the top publications in the country, if not the most read, for the political professional. Anything and everything about the campaign and political industry is in there, from both sides of the aisle and elsewhere for that matter. When you make it there . . . you've made it. So it was a great pleasure (though not a surprise) to see that in its June edition, where it annually recognizes "rising stars" on the national scene, it also recognized our very own Victoria Cobb in its "Virginia Influencers" rankings. She was listed in the "Other Republicans" category along side the likes of former statewide office holders, current McDonnell administration figures, high-dollar lobbyists and nationally known campaign consultants. It's not the first honor for Victoria (she seems to be racking them up recently) and we're pretty sure it won't be the last. In fact, we're holding her to making C&E's Top 10 list next year. Here is what Campaigns & Elections wrote about her:

Victoria Cobb is president of the Family Foundation, a social conservative group that has pushed to strip Planned Parenthood of state funding and successfully fought to add an amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman to Virginia’s constitution. Her husband, Matt, works in the McDonnell administration.

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