New York is in the throes of an intense political battle over same-sex marriage. A bill that would legalize it is in that state's senate and it is close to having the votes to pass. Perhaps its biggest hurdle is time — the legislative session is close to over and lawmakers from the Democrat-controlled House and Republican-controlled Senate and Governor Andrew Cuomo are negotiating ways to end on time. One report suggests the end-of-session agenda does not include the same-sex marriage vote (see the New York Times' City Room blog). While the homosexual lobby is pressing the Senate to redefine marriage (it passed the lower chamber), pro-marriage advocates are asking for a different type of vote — a statewide referendum, which the homosexual lobby adamantly opposes. Why wouldn't they? More than 30 states have put the question to their citizens and all have voted to protect traditional marriage. Even California.

A wild card in the New York debate is David Tyree, a former New York Giants Super Bowl hero and star wide receiver. He taped an interview with the National Organization for Marriage voicing his support for marriage as between a man and a woman. The video has gone viral in a big way, which hasn't pleased the radical left. In it, he articulated an instinctive common sense, grounded in elemental and eternal truth: That marriage is neither a government, nor a man-made creation. That before there were countries or governments, men and women instinctively united to create families and nowhere was anything other than nature's union considered equal. It is a Godly institution ordained on Earth, through nature, a manifestation of the Holy Trinity.

Of course, Mr. Tyree's defense of marriage has upset many of New York's elites and the media who once adored him for a spectacular Super Bowl saving catch for the Giants. (Funny how athletes in favor of same-sex marriage get a pass. See Jemele Hill at Here's how CNN's Kyra Phillips treated him, for example. Odd how she, who can't understand "natural," tried to put words in his mouth then make him out to be Bozo. After Mr. Tyree explained that marriage was ordained for procreation and therefore natural, Ms. Phillips — as were the New England Patriot defenders who covered him on that unforgettable catch — was left dumbfounded, producing a couple of seconds of dead air. Then:

Phillips: I'm still, uhhh, I am still trying to understand what you mean by it (same-sex marriage) not being "natural."

Tyree: I don't understand what's difficult. A man and a woman come together to procreate. A man and a man will never procreate. ...

Phillips: What about infertile couples? Infertile couples have children all the time. Is that natural?

Tyree: How is that? What is that? That has no bearing. That makes no sense. A  man and a woman are still coming together to raise a child which actually paints a nuclear family.

Finally and thankfully! Someone called out an elitist for trying to make traditional values sound backwards when, in fact, those attempting to redefine an ageless institution are those who contrive arguments, believe nonsense and fall back on the non-sequitur. What's natural? Give us a break!

Here's the video that started the "controversy." Better than that is the one following, which took place a capitol news conference yesterday in Albany, where Mr. Tyree spoke with conviction, clarity, courage and grace (see NOM Blog).

A spectacular catch — for traditional marriage supporters in New York . . .

NFL great and Super Bowl hero David Tyree speaks the truth despite the elitist Leftists trying to belittle his adherence to Nature's Truth.