An estimated 5.9 or 6.0 magnitude earthquake has hit Virginia shortly before 2:00. Apparently, there is a significant difference in the two. The epicenter apparently was somewhere near Mineral and reports are that it was felt from New York City to Richmond and as far west as Ohio. Employees in buildings all over Richmond were evacuated. Same in D.C. with all major government buildings and AG Eric Holder reportedly was escorted out and into a motorcade. Buildings shook all over the metro Richmond area and some have reported thinking their houses or offices were coming down, while others reported thinking roof repair work was just louder than normal, only to realize they had to evacuate. As of now, though, there are no reports of injuries or damage. The 'quake is being defined as "shallow" — a half mile deep — but those are the most dangerous, according reports. Airports are closing along the East Coast. Importantly, the Lake Anna nuclear reactor has shut down. Phone service is out to many — and a potential category 3 hurricane is on its way this weekend! Meanwhile, primary elections continued uninterrupted as far as we can tell. Irony or coincidence? The epicenter is in the hotly contested the new 22nd Senate district where five Republicans are fighting for the nomination in a heavily GOP district. Updates as we can.