Earlier today representatives from various abortion industry interests, including Planned Parenthood and NARAL, held a conference call with reporters, blasting yet to be revealed regulations of abortion centers in Virginia. Lobbyists and lawyers fro the two abortion on demand groups cautioned Governor Bob McDonnell against "the insertion of politics into this process" and "demanded the process be depoliticized." News reports so far have yet to say if there were any "non-political" participants in the conference call.

But the statements reminded us of a media story that ran during the 2010 General Assembly session, just a few weeks after McDonnell defeated Democrat Creigh Deeds in a landslide. In it, Planned Parenthood lobbyist Jessica Honke was interviewed at Planned Parenthood's offices when the camera caught something interesting in the background (see our post from the time):

Of course, I'm sure Planned Parenthood (a non-profit prohibited from electionering) wasn't endorsing anyone for the election.  They never would think of "politicizing" anything.