There's a lot to be written about President Obama's jobs bill (which still hasn't been formally introduced, despite his obnoxious refrain to "Pass this bill!"), and we will. But in the meantime, there really is only one question you need to ask about it:

If the provisions in the bill are so great, so wonderful, so dynamic as to accomplish all he says it will — repair schools, build bridges, employee teachers and construction workers, revitalize small business, increase manufacturing, bring down the debt, push back the rising tides (oh, never mind, that was another promise) and save the American economy and end unemployment as we know it — if it is that good, why has he waited two and a half years to propose it?

The fact is, there isn't anything new in the bill, absolutely nothing that warrants such a long delay. The fact is, instead of working on improving the economy for two and a half years, he concentrated on regulating it and taking over large swaths of it.

Truth often is found in humor. One joke going around these parts when the president decided to pitch his plan in Richmond after the earthquake and Hurricane Irene, was: "Three weeks, three disasters."

Nothing is more annoying than someone telling you how great some thing (or someone, himself) is, but not putting up. You know the expression: Either do that or shut up. In that regard, Mr. President ought to talk less and produce more.