The flap over President Barack Obama's "jobs" speech is interesting not so much in what the pundits are making of it relative to the presidential campaign and the president's attempt to upstage the Republican candidates at their debate next week, as true as that is. But it says a lot more than that. It's a reflection of what he long has thought about ordinary Americans. (Remember this about being "bitter" and Bibles and guns?) A White House spokesman said, in an attempt to minimize the controversy which has made the president look petty, that there were only two dates available and no harm was meant (Jamie Dupree's Atlanta Journal-Constitution Washington Insider blog) by picking a day that would bump a debate scheduled for months. First, if the unemployment situation is as real, affecting and urgent as it is — and it is (but funny how no one in the administration, nor the Mainstream Media, calls it a "crisis" although their contrived issues are cataclysmic and require immediate and drastic action) — why didn't he make the speech before jetting off to the ritzy Martha's Vineyard for vacation? It's not as if we've had a sudden spike in unemployment. It's been a problem since . . . about . . . since, basically he passed his "stimulus" bill.

So, this wasn't an, "Oops, my bad," moment where he made a mistake. Excluding stupidity, then, as the reason for the scheduling fiasco, it's not because he or his advisers are dumb, but that they think we are! 

To make this an urgent issue after weeks of ponderous inaction and paralysis, then fire a political volley at your opponents, and try to pawn it off as a quirky coincidence? Sure! We get it! But not the way they want us to get it.

It wasn't long ago that the president had the audacity to mockingly laugh at his failed stimulus, which did put us in crisis — debt crisis — and exposed his, "I fooled you, you're not as smart as me" arrogance. Remember this? After a thoughtful question about government obstacles to implementing the "stimulus" we got:

And that was after this:

Arrogance and mocking laughs from a know-nothing on the economy. But he thinks we're stupid.