Earlier this month Planned Parenthood Votes, one of Planned Parenthood's political arms out of New York City, funneled nearly $100,000 to its Virginia affiliate, presumably to help protect pro-abortion incumbents facing serious challenges in this year's elections.  Planned Parenthood has sent out numerous emails asking for volunteers to help in races, focusing much of their effort on Senate Education and Health committee chairman, Democrat Edd Houck, who faces Republican challenger Bryce Reeves. Of course, the Senate Ed and Health committee has killed the vast majority of pro-life measures it has heard over the past four years.

A complete list of Planned Parenthood's endorsements is available here.

Equality Virginia, is also raising funds to try to help their favored officials.  Their list of endorsements is here.

No big surprises are found on either list.  No Republicans appear on Planned Parenthood's list of endorsements, and only one, Delegate Tom Rust, makes Equality Virginia's cut.  Interestingly, former Republican senator Brandon Bell, who is challenging Republican Ralph Smith in the 19th Senate District as an independent, did receive Equality Virginia's endorsement.