A line in a Washington Post Politics blog post earlier this week caught my eye.  One could assume it’s yet another indication that Democrats in Virginia don’t like their chances for keeping a majority in the state Senate after the upcoming election. Anita Kumar wrote, “If the Democrats lose the Senate November, activists are likely to blame the party, though there are numerous other factors in play, including fundraising and redistricting.”

The interesting part is blaming redistricting.  You know, the redistricting that Democrats were in charge of!  I have met the enemy, and he is us.

Let the spin begin!

This isn’t the only sign that Democrats are worried, and it isn’t redistricting that’s the problem.  Senate Democrat candidates that face the most serious challenges are running on platforms that would normally make Dick Saslaw hold his head in shame.  The fact that they are distancing themselves from President Obama like Republicans did from Bush is further evidence.

But it isn’t just Senate Democrats.  This week, House minority leader Ward Armstrong, who lost his district to redistricting and is challenging Republican Charles Poindexter to stay in office, ran a television ad that sounded like he was trying to become The Family Foundation’s legislator of the year.  “I am pro-life” Delegate Armstrong claimed.

If only his voting record the past two years confirmed that statement.  Unfortunately, ever since rumors started circulating that Armstrong has statewide office aspirations, his voting record on life issues made a drastic turn in Planned Parenthood’s direction.  According to The Family Foundation Action’s Report Card, this year, he voted against the abortion clinic regulations amendment to SB 924.  Of course, he then voted in favor of 924, making him against the regulations before he was for them.  He also voted in favor of taxpayer funded abortion, in favor of requiring insurance companies in health insurance exchanges to cover abortion, in favor of taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood, against requiring an ultrasound prior to abortion, and in favor of taxpayer funding of failed embryonic stem cell research.

Interestingly, nearly all those votes are completely opposite of his position on those issues according to TFF Action’s 2008-09 Report Card.

This is one of the reasons why The Family Foundation Action produces a legislative Report Card, and why The Family Foundation will distribute 300,000 Voter Guides prior to Election Day.  TV commercials are nice, but it’s the voting record that matters.

At any rate, it appears that in much of Virginia, Democrats are not very proud of their record.  Perhaps that’s why the Post is already making excuses three weeks before Election Day.

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