For those who enjoy the nitty gritty of politics, one of the most fascinating battles that's taking place in Virginia this week is the fight for leadership spots in the Virginia House of Delegates Democrat Caucus.  After taking an electorial bludgeoning over the past two election cycles where they've been reduced to near irrelevance with only 32 seats in the House, including losing their current minority leader, Ward Armstrong, who was defeated in his reelection race last week, Democrats are seeking new leadership. Even if Armstrong had been victorious in his race, "progressives" in the party like Alexandria Delegate Dave Englin were publically calling for change before Election Day, given Armstrong's more moderate views on abortion and other issues.  They, it would appear, believe that the Virginia Democratic Party isn't nearly far enough to the left to woo voters.  Imagine that, Virginia Dems not pro-abortion enough?  The Washington Post has a brief rundown of the players, without any mention of the politics.

And yet, now comes word from The Blue Ridge Caucus that one Delegate seeking a leadership role, Onzlee Ware of Roanoke, is leery of the Democrats perceived "anti-business" message.

Gee, I wonder how well that's playing with the NOVA Occupy Wall Street crowd and its "progressive" supporters like Englin.

Like I said, great political theatre.  One wonders if the House Demcrats are relevant enough to earn an actual news media story on the politics of their leadership decisions?  Time will tell.