First, the secularists tried to expunge "Christmas" references during that particular season we celebrate in December. They contrived a "separation" issue, even something about "offending" people, even though Christmas is an official national holiday. But you know the routine. Parties, parades, celebrations, store sales, advertising, you name it — anything related to Christmas — is referred to as a "holiday" this or that. Rebranding the culture for the secular age. Now, the City of Richmond's Department of Parks, Recreation & Community Facilities is sponsoring 14 "Egg Hunts" on April 9 at its various community centers. That's the day after Easter, commonly known as Easter Monday, except, it appears, in Richmond City Hall. School breaks this time of year used to be known as "Easter Break," but now are known as "spring break." When you want to whitewash references in order to change the culture, start with the young and impressionable.

Now it's time to remove the Easter reference from what normally are called "Easter egg hunts." The City of Richmond must think egg hunts are some type of generic springtime tradition that just hatched on its own. No tradition, no history, no cultural background. For no reason, apparently, municipalities, non-profits, radio stations, even the White House, which have sponsored Easter Egg hunts or rolls for decades, have it wrong. There's no reason for the season. No reference to the meaning of those candy and prize filled eggs. It's just a warm and sunny, arbitrary, out-of-school thing to do. (But the city's new release does remind us to go green and not print the page, not mindful of the irony of instigating hundreds of new car trips that day.)

A couple of years ago, when Dominion took over the sponsorship of Richmond's annual Christmas parade, and announced it was changing its name to "Holiday" parade, it provoked a swift and vociferous outcry. Dominion backed down and continued using "Christmas" in the name of the parade (see American Family Association). Although an obscure event by comparison, let's hope similar protests great the city on its "egg hunts." It may be  a different season. But the reason for it is the same.